Outdoor Lighting

We offer a variety of outdoor lighting services. We will enhance your home's architectural beauty with accent lighting, string lights for night time events, walk way and stair lighting solutions, ambient lighting for patios and decks, and premiere lighting for your garden and landscape.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be useful to illuminate the outdoor space and highlight the landscape and architectural details.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting increases visibility while enhancing the exterior space. Illuminate your walkways, driveways, and stairs and see what a difference lighting can make to your outdoor space!

Pool & Spa Lighting

Light up the water and transform your space into your own personal oasis. Using colored LED you can create your own space that is whimsical, majestic, and modern. You can also use a soft glow that creates the perfect ambiance.

Holiday Lighting

We offer decorative holiday lighting services including, putting up lights around the house, taking them down, and storing them for you. We will make sure your home looks festive for the holiday season.