Des Moines Lawn Care

Signature Lawn and Landscape keeps both residential and commercial lawns looking great throughout Central Iowa.


Providing your lawn with nutrients ensures that your grass will stay green and grow thick. This will also help prevent weeds from growing. Fertilizer products feed for up to 2 months, and each application should be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Weed Control

We have weed control programs that are tailored to your lawn's needs. We identify the types of weeds that are invading your lawn and develop a lawn care plan that will leave your yard looking pristine with beautiful grass. An ongoing plan will ensure that your yard is free from crabgrass, goosegrass, yellow foxtail, thistles, dandelions, wild violets, and clovers. Prevention is the key to a long-lasting, healthy yard.

Insect Control

Put an end to your outdoor pest problems and stop insects from becoming a serious nuisance. We provide an insect control process that can help prevent, eliminate, and control your problem. We offer yard insect control to kill and repel mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and other insects. We also have curative grub and mole control.


Your lawn and the soil need to breathe. The build-up of lawn thatch makes it difficult for your lawn to breathe. Aeration helps control lawn thatch. It also breaks up compacted soil, allowing water and fertilizer to permeate into the root zone. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.


Seeding is the most common method of planting turfgrass. Seeding is good for starting a new lawn or overseeing an existing lawn to fill it out.


Topdressing is the process of spreading a thin layer of compost or sand over your lawn. This layer is meant to amend the soil of your lawn and controls disease organisms, insects, or other pests.

Lawn Mowing

Proper mowing is critical to your lawn care. We offer weekly and bi-weekly services. Each time we mow your yard. We also trim, edge, and clean grass clippings off of driveways and sidewalks.

Soil Restoration

A degraded soil typically loses its ability to supply food and habitation to living organisms. Characteristics of degraded soil include high salinity, a decline in fertility, a decline in organic matter (leading to a decline in soil structure), soil erodibility, an increase in alkalinity, and acidity. Soil restoration is the process of improving the structure, microbial life, nutrient density, and overall carbon levels of soil to restore the soil back to its natural state. Restoring your soil will create a healthy beautiful lawn. Fire pits are smaller than a fireplace but are just as customizable. There are many structures and options that can be designed for your space.

Spring/Fall Clean Up

We will help you with your fall and spring yard clean up. Our process includes: clearing away leaves, branches, and other debris. We also haul away compost and mow the grass.