You Don't Need Chemicals to Have a Great Looking Lawn!

100% Safe for Humans, Animals & the Planet

Organic lawn care services that are safe from the harmful and polluting chemicals that other companies spread in the yard.

Safe Earth Lawn Care
Safe Earth is Safe For Your Lawn
Safe Earth

100% Organic, 100% Safe

Wouldn't you like to allow your child to go outside and play in the grass just minutes after it has been treated? With Safe Earth Lawn and Garden's organic products, you can!

At Signature Lawn & Landscape we have been providing organic lawn care services to our customers. Ensuring their families, pets, and their environment is safe from the harmful and polluting chemicals other companies spread throughout the year.

Why Organic Lawn Care?

100% safe for humans, animals, and the planet

Increase soil health and sustainability

Conserve resources

Reduce greenhouse gasses

Preserve water

Naturally reduce pests

Save money throughout the season


Living Green Lawns©

Manufactured from sugar beet molasses, Safe Earth Lawn and Garden developed Living Green Lawns© to safely eliminate weeds. Living Green Lawns© is effective at eliminating every common broadleaf, including Creeping Charlie after they've already sprouted on your lawn.

Organic Compost

Want long-term plant food? Our compost benefits flowers, gardens, trees, and shrubbery while continuing to work in the soil for up to five years. Our organic compost reduces the need for watering and is a chemical-free product that is universally recognized by lawn and garden experts as one of the best soil improvements available.

Corn Gluten

Safe Earth Lawn and Garden uses natural and organic products to prevent weed growth. Our weed control corn gluten is 60% corn protein and is effective for controlling crabgrass, dandelions, and other weeds. Corn gluten is a licensed product that was developed by inventors at Iowa State University!

Grub and Insect Control

Got grubs? Safe Earth Lawn and Garden offers parasitic nematodes in addition to other services to control your insect population. Our organic insect control products eliminate white grubs, Japanese beetles, slugs, fleas, ants, ticks, and more. 

What people say about it

We chose Safe Earth Lawn & Garden Care because we take comfort in knowing we are not harming our children or the environment...and still have a beautiful lawn.

Nancy Minor
West Des Moines, Iowa

Less is more with Safe Eart Lawn & Garden Care. Now that I'm applying fewer chemical fertilizers and insecticides to my lawn, I feel like I'm doing something significant to improve the environment.

Tom Porter
West Des Moines, Iowa